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Wisconsin is known for Great Fishing and beautiful Lake Property.  Find information on Wisconsin Fishing, Wisconsin Fishing Charters, Wisconsin Fishing Reports, Wisconsin Fishing Guides, WI Charter Fishing, Wisconsin Fishing Resorts, Wisconsin Walleye Fishing and More

Wisconsin Fishing
Wisconsin is known for some of the best Walleye fishing in the Country.  There are plenty of waters from rivers to lakes that hold Walleye throughout Wisconsin. Many anglers prefer planning a fishing trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin to catch their fish, most of the lakes in the Wisconsin Northwoods are known for great walleye fishing. Within a 45 minute to an hour radius, you have some of the finest lakes to fish in the entire state. The Eagle River chain of lakes has many lakes with an abundance of walleye. Minocqua, St. Germain and the Hayward Lakes area also have plenty of beautiful lakes to fish for walleye.

Top Wisconsin Walleye Fishing Lakes

Lake Delavan Lake Delavan Wisconsin Fishing Report

Located in Walworth County Wisconsin, Lake Delavan anglers can often reach the 3-fish 18-inch walleye limit.

Lake Mendota Lake Mendota Wisconsin Fishing Report

Located in Dane County Wisconsin, Lake Mendota has a 3-fish 18-inch walleye limit.  On Lake Mendota try pitching a half night crawler or leech into pockets on the outside edge of the weeds on a 1/16-ounce black jighead.

Lake Shawano Lake Shawano Wisconsin Fishing Report

Located in Shawano County Wisconsin, when walleye fishing Lake Shawano target some of the shallow reefs along the lake's east end that top out at about 10 feet by long-line trolling deep-running minnow-imitating lures. Once walleye are located, switch over to a jig-and-minnow presentation, or a minnow under a slip-bobber during periods of low light.

Lake Winnebago Lake Winnebago Wisconsin Fishing Report

During the Spring and Fall, Walleye can be found close to the shorelines on Lake Winnebago.  In the Summer, large schools of walleye are found roaming the vast open water of Lake Winnebago chasing schools of gizzard shad, emerald shiners and young-of-the-year drum or sheepshead.

Lake Wissota Lake Wissota Wisconsin Fishing Report

Located in Chippewa County Wisconsin, when walleye fishing Lake Wissota stay in the 15-25 foot range.  During the day use a jig and minnow and as night approaches anchor and cast some slip bobbers by any drop off.


Wisconsin Fishing Report

*Check Back For Updated Fishing Reports When Lakes Are Ice Free*

Bluegills found near weeds in 8 to 15 feet of water or suspended over deeper structure, 20 to 40 feet. A flasher is a must to be able to locate them in deep water. Use 1- to 2-pound test line and a spring bobber to detect bites. A No. 14 to No. 16 ice jig such as a Ratfinkee, Moon, Diamond, Marmooska or tungsten style were preferred. Wigglers worked best for finicky bluegills. Spikes, waxworms, and ice plastics also produced.

Crappies found suspended over deeper water, as deep as 40 feet. Use your flasher to determine what depth they are holding at and present your bait above the school. Using tip-downs or "dead sticking" with a No. 14 treble hook baited with a small fathead, rosy red or baby golden shiner minnow produced. A size No. 8 or No. 10 Ratfinkee, rocker or moon ice jig baited with a wiggler, wax worm, or ice plastic also took crappies. Small jigging spoons such as a Lil' Cecil, Swedish Pimple, Forage Minnow or Kastmaster work well for aggressive crappies.

Perch found in deeper water areas, either on the bottom or suspended. The best bite window has been between sunup and 9 a.m. A Ratfinkee or rocker ice jig along with Hali or Swedish Pimple jigging spoons loaded with spikes will produce. When fishing in 50 to 75 feet of water, be sure to use a "perch sinker" to get down to the depths quickly, especially when you have a school of perch on your locator. A tip-up or tip-down rigged with a 4-pound fluorocarbon leader, No. 14 treble hook and baited with a baby golden shiner, medium lake shiner, or large fathead minnow has also produced. Drill a hole next to your tip-up, to jig in, when a school comes through.

Northern pike caught from various depths, most often near panfish. Tip-ups rigged with 25- to 40-pound fluorocarbon leaders have produced more fish than steel leaders. A No. 6 or No. 4 red or glow treble hook was preferred. Use medium to jumbo golden shiners along with small or medium suckers for live bait. Try adding DK's magic powder to the tail of your minnow for added attractant. Brined jumbo smelt baited on a smelt rig can also work well, especially for big pike.

Walleyes found in water as deep as 40 feet, often near the bottom. A tip-up rigged with an 8-pound fluorocarbon leader, No. 10 red or gold treble hook and baited with a medium golden shiner or small sucker was the preferred method for most walleye anglers. Try adding beads or a small spinner to your leader minnow for added attractant. Jigging with a Jigging Rapala, Swedish Pimple, Buck Shot spoon or Slender spoon tipped with a piece of minnow will attract aggressive walleyes.

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